Auctioneer: Jamie McDowell SCAL# 3755
Jamie grew up in the Travelers Rest area, where he put in many years working for his parents
at Bryant and Lell Tires. He enjoyed a career as a police officer, specializing in the DARE
Program and working as a traffic officer, K-9 officer, and School Resource Officer. Jamie has
enjoyed the pleasure of being an auctioneer and has assisted numerous auctioneers across
the state in addition to conducting his own auctions in Pendleton, South Carolina. Jamie's love
for buying and selling began as a six year old selling socks from his grandfather's knee at the
flea market. He loves being in Pendleton, able to work closely with many great friends and
help support a wonderful town.

Recently, Jamie began to follow a calling that many say started when he was a child. This
calling has led Jamie to volunteer more in church related activites, and take an active role in
covering sermons when pastors needed a day off. All of this has led to the exciting result of
Jamie becoming the pastor of his own two churches, starting July 1, 2018! He will be at Zion
United Methodist Church at 9am in Walhalla, and at Hopewell United Methodist Church at
11am in Westminster. We invite you to join us anytime that you are in the area!!
Clerk/Cashier: Robyn McDowell
Robyn is Jamie's wife.  She grew up in Seneca, South Carolina, which is where she and
Jamie live now.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from
Clemson University and a Master's of Education from Southern Weslyean University.  Robyn
teaches Math at West-Oak High School.  In addition to being the auction clerk and cashier,
she is responsible for the maintenance of the auction webpage and other forms of
advertisement. Her Boer Goat herd and and dog Teddy are the hobbies that keep them busy
when they are not working on an auction. These sweet goats have stolen the hearts of
Robyn and Jamie, becoming more pet than livestock. Don't forget to check them out!!
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