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Giezentanner CODI/PCI
Eagles Nest Boer Goats is located in the Upstate of South Carolina, just a few
miles from Clemson University. Jamie and Robyn McDowell enjoy raising
registered fullblood Boer goats on their small farm - a hobby shared by their whole

We started out with a few plain old goats, and ended
up with some percentage Boers. Needless to say, we
fell in love with the gentle Boers. Since then we have
phased out most of the others and have switched to
fullblood Boers. (We still offer a few percentages on

It has been a true privilege to meet so many terrific
people in the Boer goat world. Everyone is so willing
to share information, and we have had the opportunity
to add some really great bloodlines to our herd. We
are now working our way into having a small herd of
full CODI/PCI Boers , and we will keep some of the paints, reds, blacks, and spots.
We are thrilled to have our first home grown full CODI/PCI doe kids this year!!

Raising the goats is truly an enjoyable experience. It is a heartwarming to walk into
the pasture and see the excitement each goat demonstrates as they run to greet us.
Birth is always a miracle, with the excitement of seeing the first breath and first
steps. Trying to guess the colors is always so much fun!

We have been blessed by Jon Giezentanner, who
allowed us the opportunity to make a huge step into
the CODI realm when we purchased his herd! There
is no way for me to put into words the gratitude that I
have, the honor that I feel. I hope that eventually we
will be able to make him proud.

Through the purchase of Jon's does and some other
outstanding CODI's as well, we hope that we are off
to a good start. The weather (sudden monsoon season)
has us off to a rocky start, but we have high expectations for the future. We will
most likely retain a number of doe kids to ensure a strong foundation, due to the
age of many of our does - but just wait! Our kids are coming!

If you are looking for Boer Goats for sale in South Carolina, please contact us.  
Feel free to visit us or email us about any questions you may have about our goats
Robyn McDowell
440 Johnson Road
Seneca, SC  29678
(864) 723-4589
email address

CODI Grand Slam's kids
are in the oven! We
cannot wait to see our
second round of full
CODI/PCI kids!!

Katy is one of our black
headed CODI/PCI does
from Jon Giezentanner!
Eagles Nest
Boer Goats

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