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New Kids
We have new kids on the ground now, and they are
staggered out to make appearances throughout the spring.
Keep checking back for one to fall in love with!
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Lola and Wild Card had twins
on April 5. These kids are  
utterly adorable!
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Boer Does
Boer Kids
Kitty (Wampus Cat) and Ben had a
single doe kid - on 2/22/19. This
traditional beauty will be a keeper until
we see what the kidding season brings!
Katy and Ben had twin doe kids - on
2/28/19. This black paint is a keeper!
Irish and Kaspian had twins - a red buck
and a black doe - on 2/28/19. The red has
already found hi new farm, and
the black, Obsydian, will be
staying here!
Jazz and Kaspian had twins - a traditional
buck and a red doe - on 3/1/19. These two
cuties have found their new
home with their mom at
Muddy Boots Farm!
Kiss and Ben had twins bucks on
March 11. The black paint with
"Doberman" markings
is already spoken for,
but the traditional buck
with the red leg will
make someone an
awesome herd sire!
Dollie and Wild Card had twins does
on March 21. The doe and her red
dappled sister will
be staying here!
Sky and Wild Card had a beautiful red
dappled doe on March 30. This unique
little girl was immediately named
"October" and is here to stay!